Exposing Junk Science About Same-Sex Behavior

Resources for critically evaluating junk science and questionable research about homosexual behavior and minority sexual orientations.
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Professor Says “Ex-Gay” Therapy Group Deliberately Misrepresented Her Research

From Truth Wins Out:

Truth Wins Out released an exclusive video interview today with University of Utah professor, Dr. Lisa Diamond, who said that the National Association of Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) grossly and deliberately distorted her research on sexual orientation. Dr. Diamond’s assertion comes one week before NARTH’s annual conference in Denver, which will take place Nov. 7-9.

“Dr. Nicolosi, you know exactly what you are doing,” said Diamond in the video, addressing NARTH’s co-founder Dr. Joseph Nicolosi.”This is a willful misuse and distortion of my research. Not an academic disagreement. Not a slight shading of the truth. It’s willful distortion. And, it’s illegitimate and it’s irresponsible and you know that. And you should stop.”

Read the entire post and watch the video at Truth Wins Out.

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